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Concert Tickets Template for Pages

New Concert Tickets Template for Apple Pages

We’ve just added a brand new Concert Tickets template to the site that is for anyone that would like to print off their very own, professional looking, tickets. This could be re-purposed for many different venues, such as; plays, musicals, concerts, recitals, special events, etc. Just customize the info, add a photo and print! They […]

Simple and Clean Business Card Template for Pages and Illustrator

Clean Business Card Template for Pages and Adobe Illustrator

This template is a simple and clean business card template for Pages OR Adobe Illustrator. If you have a printer and some good paper there is no reason you can’t create professional business cards on your own. The Pages version of the business card template comes with 2 different Avery label templates. The first page […]

2 New Templates - Mommy Cards and Resume Template

2 New Templates – Mommy Cards and Resume Template

We’ve been able to crank out 2 templates the last couple of weeks. The first one published the end of August called “Mommy Cards”. They are the newest and hippest way to share contact info and keep in touch and our new Mommy Cards Template for Pages is the perfect way to do it yourself. They’re […]

Modern Resume Template for Pages

New Mac Template Modern Resume

We just posted to our online store a new template those people who are looking to have an impressive resume for that next job or position that they are seeking. It comes with all the great features you’d expect a resume to have including employment history, education, professional skills, personal skills, and Work/Play Balance graph. […]