Concert Tickets Template for Pages

New Concert Tickets Template for Apple Pages

We’ve just added a brand new Concert Tickets template to the site that is for anyone that would like to print off their very own, professional looking, tickets. This could be re-purposed for many different venues, such as; plays, musicals, concerts, recitals, special events, etc. Just customize the info, add a photo and print! They look great printed!

We designed this to have 5 tickets p/page (8.5×11), and made it very easy to update with placeholder images and more.

This template was born out of the frustration of modern concert tickets. Where we live, the Flash Seats are a popular method of distributing tickets for large concerts that come into town. Flash seats are a digital only ticket. We purchased some concert tickets as a gift for some family, however we found out that they only did flash seats and so we had nothing to give them as a the gift. We didn’t want to just print out the receipt, we wanted to give them some actual tickets. So I designed this concert ticket template with Apple’s App Pages to create these great looking tickets. When we gave them the tickets they were convinced they were the real actual ticket. I actually put at the bottom of the ticket a small note saying these aren’t the real tickets, just in case they actually tried to use them. But it was very effective, and they were so excited to receive the tickets.

So I thought that these tickets could definitely be used for a real venue for someone that wants to make real tickets for their show, concert, recital, play, musical, stand-up act, etc. and with the right paper and printer it would be great!

You can view more details and purchase the template by visiting the template product page by clicking the link below.

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