Don't Forget the Lyrics Christmas Keynote Game Template

New Christmas Keynote Game Template – “Don’t Forget the Lyrics Christmas”

We’ve just added a brand new template that is a Keynote Game Template called “Don’t Forget the Lyrics Christmas”, based on the popular TV game show “Don’t Forget the lyrics”. It’s setup like a trivia game. You show the Keynote presentation on a TV or Projector and it has part of classic and popular Christmas songs, then the participants have to see if they remember what the missing lyrics are. A score sheet template for them to write on is included. After 10 songs and 1 bonus song, you then reveal the missing lyrics to the songs and they see what songs they got correct. The one with the most points wins.

It’s a great game for family and friends to spend the Christmas Holiday Season together having fun. More information about the Don’t Forget the Lyrics Christmas Keynote Game Template by going to the product page here:

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