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New Weight Tracker, Quiz, DVD Cover, and BBQ Invite Templates

Over the last few months we’ve added some great templates to Mac Templates! 1 New Numbers template and 3 new templates for Pages. Here’s a great new summary of the new templates below:

Monthly Weight Tracker Template for Numbers

Monthly Weight Tracker Template for NumbersStarting with our Monthly Weight Tracker Template for Numbers! This template features a way to track your weight each month. We all need a way to make sure our weight is in check, so we created a weight tracking spreadsheet template for Numbers that is a simple and intuitive way to track your weight every month. All you have to do is add your current weight, goal weight, and update it with your current daily weight and it will automatically calculate some great details along with stats, graphs, charts, and more.  It even highlights green if you’ve lost weight and red if you’ve gained weight to help keep you on track with your goals. If you are looking to keep track of your weight, this is the perfect template to start.


Quiz and Survey Template for Pages

quiz_survey_template-1The next template is a Quiz and Survey Template for Apple Pages. It’s the perfect template to get you started with a quiz, test, or survey for your students in a classroom or for training in the workplace. You can easily change the text font and color globally using built in styles. Also, all the text has been set to be placeholder text, so adding your own questions and answers is a breeze. Just update questions and answers, print, and you are ready to deliver a quiz, test, or survey to your students or co-workers.


DVD Cover Template for Pages

DVD Cover Template for PagesNext is a DVD Cover Template for Pages. I know DVD technology seems ancient, but there are certain people out there that still love to burn DVD’s. Whether it’s converting old VHS tapes to digital DVD, or a wedding video, etc. This template is to help make those DVD’s look much nicer by providing a DVD cover template. You can do a simple google search to find DVD cases (just like the movie cases) and buy them online. Then you use this template to create your professional looking DVD cover. Modify it, print it, insert it into your cover and poof! You have a professional looking DVD cover ready to give (or sell) to someone.


BBQ Party Invitation Template for Pages

BBQ Party Invite for PagesThe most recent template we’ve made is a BBQ Party Invitation Template to invite your friends or family to your fun summer outdoor barbecue. It’s professionally designed to catch the eye and simple enough to be clear on when, where, and what time your BBQ party starts. All graphics used in this template were ALL created in PAGES! Meaning the entire template was designed using only the shapes in Pages, no external editor such as Photoshop or something similar were used. What does this mean? Well, it means that all the shapes and graphics are completely customizable, so you can change the color or tweak the shape of anything in this template right inside of Pages. We hope this makes your summer barbecue a little easier to get the word out. Enjoy!

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