Kids Sticker Chart Template for Pages PDF and Word

New Kids Sticker Chart Template

A few days ago we just launched our newest template for parents that are looking to bring a little motivation to their kids. We designed a Sticker Chart Template with Quarters being the incentive. It could be used to have your kids do chores, pick up after themselves, reading, or even just to listen and mind what their parents say. If they get done what they are asked to do, they get a sticker and once the quarter area is full of stickers they get a quarter. This is of course designed for younger kids, but you could possibly bump it up to a dollar p/kid if they were older.

Quarter Sticker Chart Template on Fridge

We’ve designed it in Blue or Pink and designed the sticker circle to be pretty standard. Just print and put on the fridge or the kids bedroom and you’re set. Stickers (of course) are not included, but you can find them at any major store. You can download it for Pages, PDF, or even Microsoft Word.

We think it’s going to be a fun template for any parent to use in their home and we hope you love it. You can learn more about it or purchase it by clicking the link below:

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