Keynote Jeopardy Template

New Jeopardy Template for Keynote

We’ve just launched our brand-new Jeopardy Template for keynote. This template has some great features to allow you to host your very own customized, and personalized, Jeopardy game. It’s a fun, great way for any classroom, work training, conference, family or friend get-together to have fun while learning while  playing this fun trivia game powered by keynote on your Mac or on your iPad.

The template features clickable links to jump to the questions quickly and easily. This makes it easy for you to select the question that the contestant has chosen. Then we have a convenient home button link on each question that makes it easy to return back to the jeopardy board. This template is complete with fun animations, transitions, and a final Jeopardy question for the very end of your game.

It’s the perfect template for any teacher, instructor, trainer, or any other person that wants to host a fun trivia game using the classic format of jeopardy using keynote. It’s on sale for limited time 33% off until September 30, 2014, so get it today with this special introductory price.

Watch our video walk-through to see it in action:

Keynote Jeopardy Template Desktop Video Walk-Through:

Keynote Jeopardy Template iPad Video Walk-Through:

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