Christmas Templates

New Family Christmas Card and Christmas Bingo Templates

We’ve just added two NEW templates to the site ready for the Christmas season.

The first one is a Family Christmas Card Template for Pages. It features a fancy festive holiday design, with the image placeholder for you to be able to drop in your own photo with ease. Just drag and drop from iPhoto or any other location on your Mac (or iDevice). It has a dashed fold line to simplify folding the printed card. It works with regular 8.5×11 paper. Just print the first page, then insert the same paper back in reverse side in, then print the 2nd page. It will then turn into a full printable card that you can fold and open with your message inside. It’s the perfect way to send your own Christmas Card on your own, your way! Purchase the Family Christmas Card Template today.

The 2nd template is a Christmas Bingo Card Template for PDF and Pages. It’s printable so you can play with your family or friends at the upcoming Christmas party. It features a beautiful design with 6 different cards all with custom icons for the bingo pieces. Just print, cut, and go! It also comes with the master list that you cut out to mix in a bowl and pull them out one by one until we get a winner. It’s available as a PDF for those that just need it to print and as a Pages document to customize on your own. It’s perfect for Christmas Parties with family, friends, school, social night, retirement homes, and more.

You can view and purchase the template below:

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