How to Download your Template Directly to your iPad

How to Download your Template Directly to your iPad

We’ve had a few customers ask us how they can download and use the template they purchased here on Mac Templates directly on their iPad. So we thought we’d make a video tutorial showing just how to do that. The hurdle that most customers have had is that all of our templates download as a .zip file. On the Mac you can open (unzip) these easily just by double clicking, but on the iPad it can’t unzip these .zip files natively. So we have to download an extra app to help us out. Watch the video above on exactly how to do this.

Written Instructions:

If you don’t have time to watch the video and would rather just read how to do it, this is for you:

  1. As we mentioned above, the iPad can’t open up .zip files natively, so we need to use another app that can unzip the .zip file for us. Go to the App store and download one of these recommended apps; (1) GoodReader (Paid $4.99) or (2) Documents by Readdle (Free)
  2. Visit your download page either by tapping the Download link after checkout, tapping on the link in the email sent, or my logging into your account at and going to your downloads page. And download the template.
  3. After downloaded Safari on your iPad will ask you if you want to Open the .zip file in a specific App or you’ll see a “Open In…” link. Choose the option that lets you click the new app you downloaded (either GoodReader or Documents by Readdle. The .zip file will now open in that app.
  4. Now that you see the .zip file in your new app (again either GoodReader or Documents by Readdle), just tap on it to Unzip it (unless it asked you to unzip it automatically like GoodReader does).
  5. After it’s unzipped, you’ll now see your unzipped folder ready to access and see the actual template file you downloaded. In both of those apps if you tap on it it will show you a preview. When looking at the preview look for the open/share icon (in GoodReader it’s in on the bottom toolbar and has an arrow pointing to the right, and in Documents by Readdle it’s the up arrow in the top right). Tap that icon and choose the “Open In…” option.
  6. You can now choose to open this file in the app you are looking for (such as Keynote, Pages, Numbers, or others) and be ready to edit and use as needed.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact our Support page.



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