Christmas Templates

Christmas Templates

Christmas is almost here and MacTemplates has some great templates for the Holidays. We now have 5 templates specifically designed for Christmas! Here are our Holiday Templates and how you can use them to help make the Christmas a great one:

Christmas Gift Certificate Template:

Pages Template Christmas Gift Certificate

This is template is for those that want to give someone a custom gift certificate for Christmas.  It features beautiful graphics designed to make your gift certificate look incredibly professional. The template is setup as you’d expect with placeholder text with one click and the placeholder text is ready to edit with your own text. This template also features a cutting border to make it easy to cut after printing.  It’s fully setup ready to customize, print, and give to a loved one for Christmas.

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Christmas Quiz Game Template:

Christmas Quiz Game Template

This template is a Christmas Quiz Game Template to have some fun at your family, friend, or work party. It comes loaded with 30 traditional Christmas questions with a designed answer sheet to give to your guests. You call out the questions and they try to answer them. Count them all up at the end and see who has the highest score. The person with the highest score is the winner. You can decide what prize you’d like to give away.

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Christmas Bingo Template:

Christmas Bingo -

This template is a Christmas BINGO template game that’s printable so you can play with your family or friends at the upcoming Christmas party. It features a beautiful design with 6 different cards all with custom icons for the bingo pieces. Just print, cut, and go! It also comes with the master list that you cut out to mix in a bowl and pull them out one by one until we get a winner. It’s available as a PDF for those that just need it to print and as a Pages document to customize on your own. It’s perfect for Christmas Parties with family, friends, school, social night, retirement homes, and more.

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Gift Coming Soon Template:

Gift Coming Soon Template for Pages

This template is what I call a “Gift Coming Soon Template”. It’s designed for those times at Christmas where you’ve ordered a gift for a loved one online and it hasn’t arrived yet. That’s the worst! So what do you give them? Well, you use this template. It’s specifically designed for those moments so you can give something and they’ll see what’s to come. Just replace the name, drag a photo in of the item you purchased, add your name to the bottom, print, cut, give, and done! It’s the next best thing to the real give. It shows them that you care, and will still get them excited about your upcoming gift!

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We hope everyone out there has a great Holiday season and we hope our templates can perhaps bring a little extra joy to your Christmas. Thanks for your support from all of us here at!

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