Whats New to iWork 2013

Apple Updates iWork Suite

Apple held a special event on October 22, 2013 and announced an updated version to the iWork suite among many other new products and software. What does this mean for us? Well, that means we have an all new version of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote with some great new features. We’ll outline below some of the main new features:


icon_mac_pages_2xFirst off Pages gets a whole new interface and the inspector has changed quite a bit. It now auto-selects the right inspector for whatever you click on. This can be very helpful, as before you selected your item you want to adjust/format then you had to find the right section of the inspector to adjust it. Now it will automatically change based on what you select.

Much more powerful graphic tools. From creating shapes to adding border to photos they’ve made it much easier to create, edit, and modify any of them. They also simplified the image wrapping to give more options and make it much easier.

They also consolidated many of the inspector items. For example the font size and the bullet type are now part of the same inspector.

They also added some coach tips, so when you need help, they will just show up on the screen. You’ll also find much easier and simplified comments on the screen.

Sharing has become much easier as well. With the addition to Pages for iCloud you can now share you document with someone on the cloud. They don’t even need to have an iCloud account. You also have other options such as the new AirDrop with Mavericks.


icon_mac_numbers_2xNumbers also got the same interface overhaul and looks much cleaner. My favorite feature is that the left sidebar is gone. I always felt that it took up so much room. The navigation is now in tabs along the top making it easy to navigate.

They also added many new color schemes to make your spreadsheets and layouts look even more beautiful.

They made it much smarter as well to where it knows what formula you want to use before you even do it. They’ve also made the charts much smarter and made them dynamic. You’ll also love the new rules they added which make it easier to find and to use.

Many of the same coaching tips, inspector, and other elements that are now in Pages made it to Number as well.


icon_mac_keynote_2xKeynote got the same interface and inspector overhaul. It’s much easier to use and still the gold standard in presentations. With many new animations and themes. With much better alignments and visual aids.

All this packed with other sharing, iCloud, coaching tips, and more.


We’ll be sure that all of our templates are compatible with these new updates and continue to make new templates using these new features. You can learn more about the iWork suite and all the great features that have been added to Pages, Numbers, and Keynote by going to http://www.apple.com/creativity-apps/mac/

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