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This is a simple Yearly Calendar Template for Apple Pages and PDF for the years 2014 and 2015. It has a beautiful design to easily show the entire year at a glance. Feel free to customize it as you need. Some companies and organization use it to color different days of the year for events or schedules, others use it to print and post as reference. There are many ways you can use this template. If you want to customize it and color code the days, then we recommend purchasing the Pages template, but if you just want to print the yearly calendar and that’s all, then the PDF version will suffice.

What you get with the Yearly Calendar Template for Pages and PDF:

This template includes the following:

  • .template – The true template file extension for a pages template. You can use this again and again and this template will remain intact and untouched.
  • .pages – The modern file type for Apple Pages
  • .pages (iWork’09 Version) – For  those with older versions of Apple Pages

If you don’t have Pages you can download it by going to Mac App Store.

  • The PDF version of the template includes only the PDF version which can be opened with Preview on your Mac to Print.

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Yearly Calendar Template (Pages), Yearly Calendar Template (PDF)

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