Quarter Sticker Chart Template for Pages, PDF, and Word
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Quarter Sticker Chart Template



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You’ve got kids and you need some way to help motivate them to listen, do chores, help, etc. So we designed this new Quarter Sticker Chart Template for Pages and PDF. It’s designed for younger kids and every time they listen, mind, or obey what you are trying to re-inforce they get a sticker (stickers not included) and once the quarter is filled with stickers, they get a quarter as a reward. It’s possible that they could get a quarter a day if you have many tasks, which could add up to over a dollar a week. The great thing is, is that it’s a template so you can change how many stickers the kids need to earn to get a quarter.

It’s a great way to incentivize your kids to have good behavior and help out. We’ve created a blue and a pink version as well.

Quarter Sticker Chart Template on Fridge

3 variations to the Quarter Sticker Chart Template:

1) Quarter Sticker Chart Template for Apple Pages

This version is for the application *Pages and is a preferred editable version for the Mac. You can fully edit any of the elements on this version of the template. This also includes a Pages’09 version for those with older versions of Pages.

2) Quarter Sticker Chart Template for PDF

This version of the template is PDF only to open and view with Preview on your Mac (or Adobe Acrobat if preferred). It does not include a Pages template. It is helpful for those that don’t really need to edit anything to the template, but just need to print it and that’s all.

3) Quarter Sticker Chart Template for Microsoft Word

This version of the is for those that would prefer to edit this with Microsoft Word on their Mac. We haven’t tested this on Windows, but we have tested it on Word for Mac.

*If you don’t have Pages you can download it by going to Mac App Store.

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Pages ($4.99), PDF ($4.99), Microsoft Word ($4.99), All (Pages, PDF, and Word) ($9.99)

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