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This is the PowerPoint Jeopardy Template which is the perfect way to emulate and present your very own Jeopardy Game! We’ve designed this template to be easy to add your own categories and questions, then simply connect to a TV or projector and you can play this fun quiz trivia game with your audience. Or if you want it to be more personal we’ve included an iPad version as well. Take it to a conference, or a family gathering and you’ll be the hit of the event!

The Jeopardy PowerPoint is beautifully designed, and has some great enhancement features such as links. For example, as you are presenting, when someone chooses a category for (say) 200, you simply click on the 200 category box and it will jump you right to the question with great animations. Then when you are ready to go back to the main category board, just click the convenient “home” icon on the page and it will send you back to the main board. To make things easy, we also included the answer to be on the same question screen, so everyone in your audience can easily and clearly see the answer to the question when you are ready. Just click to jump to the question, click again to animate in the question, then click again to reveal the answer, then hit the home button to return back and start again for the next question. We even included a “Final Jeopardy” slide at the end. Just click the last category to go there.

If you are a teacher, an instructor, trainer, or just want to have a fun trivia game night with family or friends, then this jeopardy template is definitely for you.

We hope you love this template.

Video Walkthroughs:

What you get with the PowerPoint Jeopardy Template:

This template includes the following:

  • widescreen version *.pptx – The main PowerPoint file with all the slides and animations in Widescreen and iPad dimensions format
  • widescreen version *.ppt – The PowerPoint file for older versions of PowerPoint (1997-2003)
  • iPad version *.pptx – The main PowerPoint file with all the slides and animations in Widescreen and iPad dimensions format
  • iPad version *.ppt – The PowerPoint file for older versions of PowerPoint (1997-2003)

If you do not have PowerPoint we recommend instead getting Apple’s presentation software Keynote instead, as we love using it much better, but if you need to use PowerPoint, you can download it by going to: http://www.microsoft.com/mac/powerpoint

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