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Product Description

This Interactive Keynote Presentation Template is the perfect tool for delivering a presentation that can be self-driven and interactive. It’s perfect for a trade show, or delivering to someone on an iPad to self drive. Users are able go through the presentation almost “as if” it was a website where they can click (or tap) around and view the whole presentation themselves on their own. Put this on a few iPads at a tradeshow and users can pick one up and tap through it, no internet connection required. It could also be used as a sales tool. Just show your customers on an iPad and it’s a very non-intrusive way to walk them around your business or product. Designed to have some of your featured videos describing your product, but not necessary.

Watch this template in action:

This video below shows each slide with it’s clickable (tappable) work-flow along with all the animations to give you the full effect of what this interactive keynote presentation template can do:

What you get with the Interactive Keynote Presentation Template:

This template includes the following:

  • .key – The main keynote file with all the slides and animations
  • .kth – The keynote theme file (just the master slides only)
  • .key (iWork’08) – For  those with older versions of Apple Keynote

If you don’t have Keynote you can download it by going to Mac App Store.

How to Edit your Template:

The video below shows a video on how to edit the Interactive Keynote Presentation Template:



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