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DVD Cover Template


Product Description

This is a DVD Cover Template for Pages. I know DVD technology seems ancient, but there are certain people out there that still love to burn DVD’s. Whether it’s converting old VHS tapes to digital DVD, or a wedding video, etc. This template is to help make those DVD’s look much nicer by providing a DVD cover template. You can do a simple google search to find DVD cases (just like the movie cases) and buy them online. Then you use this template to create your professional looking DVD cover. Modify it, print it, insert it into your cover and poof! You have a professional looking DVD cover ready to give (or sell) to someone.

What you get with the DVD Cover Template for Pages:

This template has 3 different types of templates to use. (1) The first template is a fun upbeat design for family or business. The images can be easily changed just by dragging and dropping your new images on it. The text is set to be placeholder text as well. (2) The 2nd template is designed for a wedding video. It has the same features as the 1st template, but designed to be a bit more formal and elegant. (3) The 3rd template is a blank template with the dimensions ready for you to begin your own design. It’s a blank canvas for you to use as you please.

This template includes the following file types:

  • .template – The true template file extension for a pages template. You can use this again and again and this template will remain intact and untouched.
  • .pages – The modern file type for Apple Pages
  • .pages (iWork’09) – For  those with older versions of Apple Pages

If you don’t have Pages you can download it by going to Mac App Store.

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