Don't Forget the Lyrics Christmas Keynote Game Template

Don’t Forget the Lyrics Christmas Keynote Game


Product Description

The “Don’t Forget the Lyrics Christmas” Keynote Game Template is the perfect game for your upcoming Christmas party with family or friends. It’s based on the TV Game show “Don’t Forget the Lyrics”, but done more trivia style. Here’s how it works:

You use the Keynote template to connect to a TV, TV, Projector, etc. Then use the included Pages/PDF sheets template to hand out to each person playing. You then show the slide of the Christmas Lyrics that show the missing Christmas lyric. The participants, must write down the exact missing lyrics. There are 10 songs total, with a  bonus song. See how many of your family or friends won’t forget the lyrics to your favorite Christmas songs. The person with the highest score in the end is the winner.

What you get with the “Don’t Forget the Lyrics Christmas” Keynote Game Template:

This template includes the following:

  • *.key – The main keynote file with all the slides and animations in Widescreen and iPad dimensions format
  • *.kth – The keynote theme file (just the master slides only)
  • *-keynote09.key (iWork’09) – For  those with older versions of Apple Keynote
  • *.pages – The scoring sheet in an editable pages format
  • *.pdf – The scoring sheet for those that don’t really need to edit it, but just need to print it.

If you don’t have Keynote you can download it by going to Mac App Store.


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