Avery Shipping Labels Templates 20 Up

Avery Shipping Labels Template – 20 Up


Product Description

This is an Avery Shipping Labels Template for your Mac using Apple Pages, with each label being 1″ x 4″ and 20 labels per sheet. Fits various Avery sizes. You can use the following Avery Print Paper Templates with this:

  • Avery Shipping Label 5161
  • Avery Shipping Label 5261
  • Avery Shipping Label 5661
  • Avery Shipping Label 5961
  • Avery Shipping Label 8161
  • Avery Shipping Label 8461

What you get with the Avery Shipping Labels Template – 20 Up for Apple Pages:

This template includes the following:

  • .template – The true template file extension for a pages template. You can use this again and again and this template will remain intact and untouched.
  • .pages – The modern file type for Apple Pages

If you don’t have Pages you can download it by going to Mac App Store.

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